What we are
looking for


We are always looking for super teams with innovative ideas for how to disrupt the status quo.

If you have a good idea with a solid business plan and find that you can answer most of the questions listed below go ahead and reach out to us.


An Idea with a credible commercialization potential

You need to have a clear and strong value proposition for your product/solution

It can be helpful to think about the following questions:

- Why will anyone purchase your product?

- Which problems are you solving for the customer?

- What separates you from competition?

- Who is the customer?

- What is your addressable market?




A disruptive and scalable business model

Majority of the startups we consider should have a business model that can disrupt the status quo

It can be helpful to think about the following questions:

- How is your product or solution changing/disrupting the status quo for customers?

- Is your product/solution scalable? why?



A super team with dedication, ambition and drive

An innovative business idea is important but is worth nothing without the right team. In Arkwright X, we are looking for smart people with a strong drive and commitment to support the existing culture of the firm

The following points can provide for a good checklist in evaluating the commitment of your team:

- Are you working full time for your company? if not, are you willing to?

- Are you aware of which competencies your company is currently lacking?

- Are you ready to lose blood, sweat and tears for your company?