Our Value Proposition



We aim to be a professional partner enabling promising startups to succeed.

In Arkwright X every startup is paired with an advisory team, which will work with and support the startup throughout the incubator process. In addition to our own resources, we leverage our extensive professional network to ensure that the startups are connected with the best partners, advisors and potential customers in the market.

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Extensive business and advisory network

Being part of the incubator you gain access to Arkwright's extensive professional network and relations. Tapping into our network is highly valuable for startups looking to build their own connections and relations and for further commercialization and testing of products and solutions.

Capital: access to seed-phase capital

Investment by a "smart" investor - able to provide advice, guidance and support in addition to capital. Strong commitment and dedication to see your business succeed is ensured as we invest our own money.

Support functions and system value

Partnerships/agreements with market leading companies within legal, accounting, audit, marketing/PR, web-design etc. In addition to aggregated overview/guides with key info for startups (recommended legal advice, accounting software, public funding, fundraising etc.)



Being part of Arkwright X will be a seal of quality in itself towards potential investors / partners / customers, thus providing increased security for the entrepreneurs.

Central, high-end and spacious office

Perfect mix of corporate and creative environment in a high-end office more spacious than the "traditional" co-working spaces. Offering includes access to unique meeting rooms for key investor-meetings plus access to kitchen and top-notch food.

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Dedicated advisory team from Arkwright

Each startup is assigned a dedicated advisory team from Arkwright, providing strategic/commercial sparring and advice. The advisory team will follow the startup throughout the incubator process

Inspiring to mix up with the talented Arkwright consultants!
— Spacemaker
Arkwright provides us a full framework (from practical needs to advisory service) for our business so we can focus on executing!
— Digilege